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BioArc® SP Sling System and the BioArc® TO Subfascial Hammock

The BioArc® System treats female stress urinary incontinence (SUI) with a minimally invasive procedure by placing a strip of biologic mesh in the body to provide support to the urethra. The BioArc is an innovative hybrid system combining both synthetic and biologic materials and is the only hybrid sling available on the market today.

Tensioning and loosening sutures are designed to maintain mesh integrity during placement and allow for intra-operative tensioning refinement without distorting the biologic graft material.

Suprapubic Approach

The BioArc® SP Sling System is designed for the physician to direct needles away from organs and vessels by staying in the "zone of safety." Minimal blind needle passage and digital guidance further reduce risk of serious vascular injury.

Transobturator Approach

BioArc TO® uses proprietary centered helical needles designed to move away from the obtuarator canal, avoid the patient's retropubic space and minimize blind needle passage.

The Mesh

Knitted, polypropylene Type I mesh from AMS has been in over 400,000 patients and features large pores and open edges for fibrous tissue integration.*

The Graft Material

InteXen LP™ non-chemically crosslinked porcine dermis promotes tissue integration and remodeling, vascularization and cellular infiltration. Lyophilized and sterilized with ETO, InteXen LP maintains collagen integrity in vivo.**


Both the BioArc SP and BioArc TO offer the following benefits:

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • InteXen LP suburethral biologic graft option is available for those physicians who believe synthetic may pose a higher risk in some patients
  • Unique graft-mesh combination provides firm, lateral suture-free fixation
  • Patented tensioning and loosening sutures for fine adjustment without mesh or biologic distortion are designed to reduce risk of post-operative obstruction

Benefits of the BioArc SP include:

  • Suprapubic approach is minimally invasive for quick recovery
  • Slim needle profile is designed to provide smooth passage with limited tissue trauma
  • Minimal blind needle passage may reduce the risk of serious vascular injury

Benefits of the BioArc TO include:

  • Outside-in transobturator approach avoids the retropubic space and may reduce the reisk of injury to bladder, bowel or other major vessels
  • Easy to learn and teach
  • Reduced blind needle passage—virtually 100% digital procedure

See Safety Information for the risks, contraindications, warnings, and precautions for BioArc SP and BioArc TO.

* Data on file at AMS.

** Animal study data on file at AMS.

600013-01A (12/07)